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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Superior Sawtooth 100 - Sept 2009


Gerard said...

Awesome report. Thank you for it. Way to meet the challenges of the day!!

Anonymous said...

Great story...dropping into the water was probably your single most important unplanned strategy out there. Water has such healing power. That area of MN is beautiful. Lake Superior commands attention due to it's grandeur and size. Dultuh has a train museum downtown that is filled with period photos, plow-engines, and the story of how the area was settled by the Scandinavian countries. I'm left wondering if you had any bananas for the potassium and cramping or ankle wraps for support? Congrats and thanks for sharing!

Fat Angus said...

Anonymous - I had a banana the morning of the race. I mostly ingested Gu during the race among some other aid station specialties. I am pretty sure that I drank too much water in the week prior to the race - thus diluting my electrolytes. Thanks.